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Zebra® P4T™

The easy-to-carry P4T printer enables you to print long-life barcode labels and documents up to 4” wide where and when you need them—resulting in enhanced data and asset-tracking accuracy and improved workforce efficiency. Uniquely flexible, the P4T offers the advantages of thermal transfer image durability (barcodes/text/ graphics), advanced wireless connectivity options and included direct thermal mode in a versatile variety of combinations.

Product Description


You likely already use a thermal transfer tabletop printer in your operations because your printed labels need to stay readable and scannable long-term. You apply these long-lasting labels to items that must move through a long supply chain, endure long storage times, and/or encounter harsh or outdoor environments. Now you can extend the functionality of your thermal transfer stationary printer to print labels precisely where they need to be applied. When you print labels on the spot and on demand with the rugged P4T mobile printer, you improve worker productivity by saving steps to and from a centralized printer. And you improve accuracy by ensuring the right label is applied to the right item


Workers who spend most of their time working out of the building benefit from mobile technology. Carrying handheld computers and printers with them enables them to print on site, on demand—enhancing their efficiency, data accuracy and customer satisfaction. Your mobile workers work in the field, where you need them to be able to apply labels that deliver durability and longevity in harsh outdoor environments, or deliver archive-quality documents up to 4” wide that don’t fade over time. Now with the rugged P4T, you can print long-lasting thermal transfer labels and documents out in the field—and avoid the extra time, labor and potential errors caused by preprinting them.

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