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Cartridge Line Matrix Supplies

Printronix continues to set the standard with “The Power of Plus” with more innovations designed to give you higher productivity, higher reliability and higher quality. The cartridge ribbon does more with less, yielding a longer print life and more uniform quality than previous generation line matrix spool ribbons. The cartridge ribbon is easier and cleaner to use and requires no special user technical skills which reduces labor costs. Compared to laser technology, line matrix offers far better environmental advantages by producing less waste.

Product Description

+ LONGER LASTING INK = Fewer ribbon changes yield more productivity and contribute to a lower cost of ownership.

+ LEADING EDGE RIBBON TECHNOLOGY = Less IT interventions reduces downtime, with a patented ribbon jam prevention system. The high-density ribbon yields a longer life and a darker print quality.

+ EMBEDDED MICROCHIP = Provides precise, integrated control over ribbon life, print quality and operating costs. Productivity is improved by preventing interruptions of long print runs.

+ NEW COMPACT CARTRIDGE DESIGN = With the self-contained cartridge ribbon, changing ribbons is easier, cleaner and faster when compared to spool and laser printers.

+ ENVIRONMENTAL ADVANTAGE = Line matrix consumables are inherently greener than serial or laser printer consumables, able to print on paper with a higher percentage of recycled content.

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