Smart Tech Green Energy

About Green Energy

Green energy is a term that describes
what is considered an environmentally
friendly source of energy and energy. In
particular, this term refers to energy
sources that are renewable
and do not pollute the environment.

The use of Green Energy is now increasingly
multifunctional. Now Green Energy are not
only used to illuminate households,
now it has started reaching the office.

Mission and Vision

PT. Wahana Datarindo Sempurna is an Information Technology’s company.We provide business & industrial IT Solutions.
We conduct our business responsibility to
achieve a financial return balance with our
long-term growth, benefiting, customers,
employees, and investors, and fulfilling our
commitment to the community and the environtment.

To position PT. Wahana Datarindo Sempurna as a Top-Quality nationwide provider in IT Solution and Green Energy Eco-System.



Private Household, Hosuing Complex
Small & Medium Enterprise
Coffee shop, Foodtruck, Etc
Industrial & Small Factory
Small Office


1. Customable

2. Support by Experience and competent Technical Consultant

3. Aftersales Support

4. Support for Implementation Services and Maintenance

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